About the Show

The Let’s Go To Court podcast brings together two of the greatest legal minds of our time.

Just kidding.

We’re your hosts Kristin Caruso and Brandi Pond. What we lack in legal training we more than make up for in being completely obsessed with lawsuits. Every week, we discuss two juicy legal battles. Each episode is peppered with Brandi’s booming laugh and Kristin’s Olympic-level talent for putting the word “so” into every sentence.

The podcast started in 2018, but we’ve been having these conversations for years. What can we say? We’re just a couple of lifelong friends who love the drama of a trial.

Our other interests include: liquid eyeliner, Fresca, and begging Noodles and Company to bring back the spicy chicken caesar wrap.

Contact Info

Email us at lgtcpodcast@gmail.com. 

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